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Making Vision into Reality

Some people dream of success. We make it happen.



We provide complete, customized and End-to-End product and service delivery capabilities for mobile, fixed and data network operators, equipment vendors and organizations deploying communication solutions.


The services we provide can be bespoke to each individual customer to assist them in developing or delivering their service capabilities at whatever stage they are within their product lifecycle.


Our expertise span the entire product lifespan model from product realization, scoping, requirements, design, capacity, security, integration, delivery and performance.




We have three prime areas of focus in the work we do, these are Product Development, Deployments and R&D.


With Product Development we asses national & international operators, regulations, standards and technology movers and audit operator services to determine emerging market and technologies, so we can roadmap and offer future-proof capabilities for our clients.


Deployments are focused on all aspects of product and service delivery, where a variety of skills and expertise to ensure effective and responsive product delivery lifecycle.


Our R&D focus is on open source technologies that offer best-in-bread, flexibility and cost advantages.




The consultancy services that we offer to all parties interested whether these are small or large, new or old.


The potential clients will include fixed voice/data/mobile operators, Internet Service Providers, consultancy organisations, government institutes, legal authorities, enterprise organizations, etc.


We aim to provide professional services within our means with full confidentiality and trust.



Our goal at BAINZ Consulting is to lead where others are only able to follow. We are not shy of taking responsibility for ensuring success and achieving goals that will benifit our customers.


We pride ourselves on working on complex and challenging projects and provide quality outcomes in making complexity look simple.


We aim to provide crystal outcomes that our customers are able to understand and appreciate without overloading in jargon and unncessary technical complexity.


Our consultants design solutions tailored specifically to the needs of your business in order to ensure you achieve your dreams of success.


“We aim to value people first, respect their ideas and support them through challenging times  leading them to sucess and a future they feel proud of.”

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