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BAINZ Consulting is focused on working in three prime project domains; these project domains are Product Development, Deployments/Integration and Research & Development.
These project domains allow us to be focused on developing our business in terms of sustainability, evolution and future proofing our growth potential. 


BAINS Consultancy actively contributes and monitors the communications industry both national and international to identify innovative and emerging technologies and product offering. This includes monitoring operator product offerings, emerging competitors, vendor product updates, standards, government regulations and other emerging market segments.


With our product development project, we approach our clients in supporting them in determining their future product offerings and assisting them in auditing their existing network and service capabilities to determine any gaps in their technologies and developing a product portfolio that would be ideal for their immediate and future business.



BAINS Consultancy aids its clients in supporting deployment projects that they are actively involved in that includes supporting them in every aspect of solution delivery from service definition, technology assessment/auditing, requirements development,  solutions design, testing, integration, operational readiness/governance and launch to market.


We also support the development of Fulfil, Assure and Billing capabilities that addresses all possible aspects of the TM-Forum eTOM model, in ensuring that the solution has been correctly and thoroughly defined and delivered.


We have an extensive and comprehensive skills base in deploying complex and complete End-to-End communications soultions across multiple systems, networks and services that puts us in a unique position compared to outher consulting organisations in this sector.



BAINZ Consulting is establishing a R&D program in developing Network Function Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Network (SDN) capabilities, using OpenStack technologies. We are exploring the development of new Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs) that will offer dynamic and controlled provisioning of core network capabilities.


This development will allow us to offer cost effective fulfil and provisioning capabilities to Service Providers as they evolve their core network technologies towards NFV/SDN capabilities. We are taking  learning from national models for evolving this area of work.


Other areas of R&D that we are intending in venturing into is network management capabilities, this detail can be provided based on NDA agreement terms.

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