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Some people dream of success. We make it happen.


BAINZ Consulting aim to bring the best industry expertise, roll up our sleeves and work with the people who support and manage the solutions we work on.


We aim at the higher end of solution complexity and management, and are able to share our learning to transition into BAU operations and management.​


Our talents allow us to work on complex strategies, commercials, processes and technologies across the communications industry that are most important and critical for our clients.


We are driven by producing quality outcomes that meet our clients’ commercial and solution needs, within managed time interval in proving their success.


Clear and concise communications is key to our engagement at all levels with our clients’ organization.


Our approach is of openness and taking a pragmatic approach, to ensure our clients have a clear understanding and appreciation of the solution, challenges and decisions being taken in delivering their capabilities, without making a drama.


We take pride in what we do and treat our clients  drivers as our drivers and success.



At BAINZ Consulting we are able to bring a wide variety of specialist skilled roles to the projects we are involved.


The skills that we offer are specific to the communications industry, allowing projecta to be managed and delivered according to the correct expectations effectively and efficiently.


We offer both broad and detail level of skills with specific knowledge offered to our clients businesses. This is why we are able to understand their solutions and deliver the best capabilities.


We are able to offer a number of skilled roles to our clients that are specific to their needs; these roles are specifically in the following skills categories:


  • Project Manager/Director

  • Project Planners/Forecasters

  • Product Management

  • Business Analysts

  • Technical Analyst

  • Subject Matter Experts (SME)

  • Solution Architects

  • Capacity Management

  • Testing & Test Management

  • Integration/Deployment Management

The skills that we have to offer will span the complete product and lifecycle of our clients needs and we are able to on-boarded on a bespoke basis based on understanding of scope and deliverables to allow our clients to sucessd in their solution deliverables.




Our capabilities are based on specialist expertise, categories into four broad projects domains as being Strategy, Infrastructure, Product and Operations. For more details on these please see our Projects page.


We have skilled capabilities that can be offered to our clients in offering End-to-End service and product capabilities.


The Primary capabilities that we are able to offer our clients are identified as follows:


  • Product Scoping and Development

  • Market Intelligence.

  • Auditing of services, networks and billing.

  • Developing Commercial & Service Contracts.

  • Developing and Assessing RFI/RFQs

  • Mobile Core & Radio Access Networks (GSM/UMTS/LTE).

  • Fixed IP Core Networks (WAN & Internet).

  • Voice Core Networks (Legacy/VoIP/SIP/IMS).

  • Billing Systems (online and offline).

  • Value Added Services (VAS).

  • Intelligent Networks (IN) & Number Portability.

  • Number Translation & Premium Rate Services.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) services.

  • Mobile Messaging Services (SMSC & MMSC).

  • Communication Protocol Support.

  • Capacity and Performance.

  • Product or Service Integration.

  • Expert Training.


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